6 Things a Restful Bedroom Should Have

by Oseye Boyd, Reporter at Angie’s List
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Turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary with these helpful tips…
1. Blackout shades and bedroom lighting
2. Ditch the bedroom TV
3. Comfy bedding

bedroom4. Cozy décor

Decorating your bedroom with serene artwork, such as scenes from nature, or even favorite vacation photos that invoke happy memories, go a long way toward creating a peaceful bedroom, interior designers say.

Getting rid of clutter on nightstands, dressers and the floor, as well as clothes piled on the chair or treadmill is one of the quickest ways to make your bedroom feel instantly peaceful.

“Removing non-functional furniture and accessories is also a must,” says Laura Brenner, owner of I Can Arrange That of Glenside, Pennsylvania. “I suggest pretty bowls or trays to put jewelry, change, or watches in at the end of the day — very pretty and functional. Less is more.”

5. Soothing smells
6. Peaceful sounds